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Times Square office building In August, we reshaped the corporate image, re-optimized the Topgus logo, and changed the Sologan to everyone is a marketer, to highlight the purpose of our Topgus Academy for incubating marketing talents topgus new logo In August, we and Shenzhen E-Commerce Service Center held the „New Force“ Salon of the Independent Station In October, we reshaped the company’s promotional materials and participated in the conference of Qingdao.

Cross-border E-commerce America Cell Phone Number List Association Held at Zendai Himalayas Hotel In November, after I came back from the SEO conference in Chiang Mai, I planned the Salon of Takusi, which was full of seats and hard to get a ticket After the salon meeting, we took the team to Bali for team building Since there are new employees, it is very necessary to increase the cohesion of the team In 2020, we will continue to work hard to provide customers with higher value Our company is in a period of rapid growth, and we also hope to recruit excellent market and sales personnel.

If you are interested in this field and have excellent work ability, and are willing to grow with the company, please contact me on WeChat: seomrdaniel, we will There are bigger platforms waiting for you to play - Facebook. Who is your target group? Any advertising strategy should be well thought out, and the most important first step is to determine who your future advertising will be aimed at. The better you define the parameters (demographics, interests, etc.), the more effective you will be with your Facebook ad. However, we all agree that if we are selling bicycles, a 55+ target group would not be the most suitable, right? Therefore, think carefully about who your desired users will be. What action will your ad provoke? There are different.